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Performance Research 21.2 On Sea / At Sea (Co-editor with Richard Gough)
published by Routledge Press. 


Concurrent Practices (with Mick Douglas)

article for ’Performance Research 21.2 On Sea / At Sea’, published by Routledge Press. 

Dream Analysis: private journeys in public thoroughfare
article for ’Performance Research 21.1 On Sleep’ edited by Ric Allsop, for Routledge Press.


World Scenography Volume II, 1990-2006 (Associate Editor, Oceania)
edited by Eric Fielding and Peter McKinnon, published by OISTAT, USA. A survey of world scenography in three volumes.

The Almost Impossible

article for DeeperBlue website, 12 November, 2013.

Expanding Scenography

article for A(L)BERTO 6, published by Teatro Scuola Sao Paolo, 2013.

Terra Nullius: nomadism, theatre and the empty space

article for 'Performance Research 18.2 On Scenography’ edited Richard Gough and Sodje Lotke, published by Routledge.

Inside the Black Margin
article for Australasian Drama Review journal, October 2012.

World Scenography Volume I, 1975-1990 (Regional Editor, New Zealand)

edited by Eric Fielding and Peter McKinnon, published by OISTAT, USA. A survey of world scenography in three volumes.


The Circus of Errors (Radio Play)
for Radio NZ National. Finalist in the Asia Pacific Broadcast Union awards for Radio Drama, 2010.


The Waking Incubator: exploring the interface between the performing arts and the science of sleep (with Jean S. Fleming, Rosemary Gibson, Brent Harris, Sally Morgan, Anne Noble, Karyn O’Keefe, Anna Wirz-Justice, Anne Niemetz, and Philippa Gander)
for the International Journal of Science in Society (Volume 2, Number 2), Common Ground Press, Champaign.


Dialogues with Dance (drawings and text)
published in JAAM Issue 28 / 2010 ‘Dance, Dance, Dance’. Edited by Clare Needham and Helen Rickerby.


Coming to Sleep: a travelogue in science and performance with The Playground’s Sleep/Wake
Theatre Forum, International Theatre Journal, Issue Number 35 (Winter 2010) UCSD, La Jolla.


Terrifying Grief
Performance Paradigm Issue #4 (2008), Performance Paradigm Press, Sydney.


Beyond the Veil: a universal lament in Carol Brown and Dorita Hannah’s collaboration on Aarero Stone
Theatre Forum, International Theatre Journal, Issue Number 30 (Winter/Spring 2007) University College of San Diego. Also published in Illusions, New Zealand Moving Image and Performing Arts Criticism, Number 38 (Winter 2006).


On Thin Ice
the programme article for the solo exhibition On Thin Ice by David Trubridge at Napier Museum, Winter 2006, published by Hawkes Bay Cultural Trust.


1:1 (Manifestoes for a Theatre of Matter)
a 27,000 word thesis presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for a degree of Master’s in Design at Massey University, Wellington, NZ, 2005. (Excerpts have since been published in brochures for performances of The Restaurant of Many Orders in Rome, Prato, and Florence, translated by Alessio Romani).


Reviews for of dance shows like: The Rite of Spring/Café Muller (Pina Bausch/Danztheater Wupperthal), Complexity of Belonging (Chunky Move), Do You Still Think of Me? (Kristian Larsen and Maria Dabrowska), Mana Wahine (Okareka Dance Company), Acquisitions 2015 (Touch Compass Dance), The Crimson House (Mau Dance Company), Footnote NZ Dance, Feet of Clay, Les Ballets Trocadero, and NZ School of Dance.

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